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SuperData is the leading provider of market intelligence on interactive media.

Best known for their digital game industry gold-standard reports, SuperData also helps industry leaders with Quantitative analysis, insights and strategy to tackle the future of VR, Mobile, Console, eSports, and more.

SuperData needed data collection on 1,000 gamers that play games on PC, Console and VR games within 48 hours.

SuperData turned to TapResearch for mobile data collection targeting gamers across the 3,000,000+ monthly gamers & app users that opt-in to market research surveys.

Programmed and hosted on Qualtrics, TapResearch helped SuperData successfully target and collect 1,000 respondents with even gender distribution within the 48 hour deadline.


“TapResearch has the perfect sample for our game-focused research that enabled us to reach a massive mobile audience in a short time. They provide excellent customer service and quality data at a great price.” – Ravon James, SuperData

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TapResearch is a mobile data collection technology company. Firms like Qualtrics, SSI, Survey Monkey, comScore and others rely on TapResearch to find global consumers across everyday mobile apps & games.



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