In the past few years, extreme weather events have become a daunting reality.  Many point to climate change as the main driver of recent extreme weather events like the wildfires in California and hurricane Laura in Louisiana

The debate on climate change within American society has become a contentious topic.  As extreme weather sweeps the nation, American’s perspective on climate change has grown to be a prevalent issue in the political arena.

With an upcoming election, TapResearch wanted to find out the U.S public opinion on extreme weather, global climate change, and the government’s role in creating environmental regulations. We surveyed 1,022 people ages 18-99 who live in the United States. The full results of this poll can be found here.

Our findings suggest that the majority of Americans – 67.3% – think climate change is happening. Only 16.3% do not believe in climate change.

When the data is broken down by who Americans plan to vote for in the 2020 election, 82% of Biden supporters believe climate change is happening compared to 52.9% of Trump supporters.

However, 30% of respondents think natural patterns contribute the most to climate change. Whereas,  56% attributed climate change to human activity.  If we look at these numbers by political affiliation 71.5% of Biden supporters think climate change is driven by human activity compared to 41.8% of Trump supporters.

A big discussion point in American politics today is the role the government should play in establishing protections against climate change. Approximately 45.8% of respondents believe that governments should enact laws to combat climate change. If we look at our data by voting plans for 2020 we see 63.9% of Biden supporters agree with enacting government climate laws compared to 30.6% of Trump supporters.

63.9% of Biden supporters agree with enacting government climate laws compared to 30.6% of Trump supporters.

Our research suggests respondent’s opinions on climate change are divided down political lines. Respondents who plan to vote for Biden believe in climate change and government climate policy intervention at higher levels than respondents who plan to vote for Trump.

 About the Poll
TapResearch conducted this survey across its network of random mobile devices. The survey was conducted on 08/28/20 with 1,022 respondents balanced to the U.S. Census.

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