TapResearch Success: Reality Games Improves Player Satisfaction and Elevates Engagement in Landlord

Cash is king in the popular mobile strategy game Landlord. With goals to build a real estate empire that includes the world’s most famous landmarks and destinations, players must generate in-game profits by strategically buying and selling the right properties at the right time. As a result, the game can feel quite challenging for players that are not interested in purchasing virtual cash to grow their portfolios. With this in mind, the Reality Games team was interested in a monetization tool that could remove currency-driven barriers of entry for Landlord players without compromising existing revenue or user experience.

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Socialpoint finds stability during a global pandemic with Rewarded Surveys

Socialpoint is a world-renowned mobile games developer and publisher based in Barcelona, Spain and best known for hit games Dragon City and Monster Legends.

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What are Rewarded Surveys?

PocketGamer recently reported on Apple’s recent crackdown on CPE/PPE ads commonly found in Offerwalls, and the resulting impact publishers are feeling. As publishers look for ways to offset these impacts, Rewarded Surveys are being identified as a great replacement.

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PeopleFun users drive 50% increase in ARPDAU with Rewarded Surveys

PeopleFun is a mobile game publisher and makers of top grossing word game Word Chums iOS, Android. They are also the makers of Age of Empires, one of the best-selling and most award-winning games of all time.

PeopleFun wanted to diversify their rewarded monetization strategy and give users an alternative opt-in format to earn the coveted “Chums” currency beyond Video and Offers.

Their Solution
PeopleFun integrated Rewarded Surveys into their gameplay powered by TapResearch. By engaging users during “shopping moments” across the game, PeopleFun enables choice in how users earn currency.

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Why you should consider Rewarded Surveys for your Monetization Strategy

Rewarded Surveys as a form of monetization in mobile games is becoming more popular, but there is very little information and data published about them. This article is a primer covering what you, as an app developer or publisher, need to know. It will provide some background about the market research industry and, most importantly, performance data and other key considerations to help you stay informed when it comes to Rewarded Surveys.

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New Study: The Data Behind Reward-Based Monetization in F2P Games

Free-to-Play (F2P) game economics are simple. The goal of a F2P game is to maximize revenue per user while keeping acquisition costs low. To achieve this, every F2P game has three common components to success; Acquisition, Engagement and Monetization.

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