Instagram vs. Reality

Last week, Instagram looked at types of pies mentioned in user feeds to see what is the most popular Thanksgiving pie by state. Here is the graphic they shared:

Looking at the data, we were surprised to see Cranberry Pie at the top choice for 14 states so we set out to confirm or disprove this map.

TapResearch conducted a survey on November 26, 2020 asking 15,800 Americans (ages 18-65) what their favorite pie to serve at Thanksgiving is. Here are our results:

Unlike Instagram, our survey data shows that the majority of Americans prefer pumpkin pie, with some states choosing pecan, sweet potato and apple pie. No state’s majority chose blueberry, cherry, strawberry or cranberry pie as their favorite. Our survey suggests that Instagram’s data was incorrect and that pumpkin pie, not cranberry pie, is America’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert. 

About this Poll

TapResearch conducted this survey across their Audience Network of random mobile devices. The survey was conducted on November 26, 2020 shortly after the Apple Event with 15,800 respondents ages 18-65 distributed across each of the 50 states.

If you’re a marketer, journalist, or curious cat like me and would like to run a similar survey with TapResearch contact Michael Sprague at

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