Whether you are a new researcher or a veteran trying to maximize your potential, understanding Mobile Survey design is an important part of keeping your research up to date. You have so many important questions that need answers, and mobile users are the best source of valuable information. But how do you unlock that data?

By asking the right questions, in the right way.

Tap Research is here to help. We are starting a Mobile Surveys 101 series of blog posts to guide you through the process of designing mobile research surveys from start to finish. We will highlight the differences between desktop and mobile survey design, and give you quick tips for success.

By following the lessons in this series you will become a mobile-research wiz in no time.

Mobile Surveys 101 will be a constantly evolving series of mobile research how-to articles. It will help you plan, design, and launch effective mobile surveys– and ensure you avoid common mistakes!

Our series will cover topics such as:

Planning: Purpose, Targeting, and Platform

Your mobile survey will be more successful if you follow these easy tips for setting goals, defining your audience, and choosing the right programming platform for you.

Question Types and When to Use Them

Questions are the building blocks of surveys, and there are many different types. For mobile surveys, some types are better than others. We are here to break down your question options and teach you when to use them.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Question Writing

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write a great mobile survey. But, you do need to know how to write good questions and avoid ugly formatting mistakes. We will show you how.

Let’s Get Visual: Mobile Design Elements

If you want your survey to look great, you have to think mobile. Thoughtful design helps your survey flow smoothly, which your respondents will appreciate. Follow our lead, and you will be creating stylish and functional mobile surveys in no time.

The Other Half of the Equation: Where Your Data Comes From

Understanding where your data comes from can help you design more effective surveys. It is important to know who your respondents are and how they came to take part in your research.

Reviewing and Revising: Read Like a Respondent

Finally, we will show you how to make sure your survey is ready for launch. From simple tips-and-tricks for reviewing and revising, to the art of thinking like one of your respondents; we will guide you in the final steps of your survey building journey.


Let’s begin! Start off by reading our first post– Planning: Purpose, Targeting, and Platform.

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