TapResearch Success: Reality Games Improves Player Satisfaction and Elevates Engagement in Landlord

Cash is king in the popular mobile strategy game Landlord. With goals to build a real estate empire that includes the world’s most famous landmarks and destinations, players must generate in-game profits by strategically buying and selling the right properties at the right time. As a result, the game can feel quite challenging for players that are not interested in purchasing virtual cash to grow their portfolios. With this in mind, the Reality Games team was interested in a monetization tool that could remove currency-driven barriers of entry for Landlord players without compromising existing revenue or user experience.

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eBook: 7 Ways to Drive Net-New Revenue in Mobile Games

There’s no doubt about it: mobile game publishers looking to stay agile, competitive, and ahead of the curve need to advance their approach to monetization. 

As the ever-changing privacy landscape continues to bring new challenges to traditional ad-related revenue streams, many teams have had to wrestle with how to protect their bottom lines. To get ahead of this, publishers need to adopt a future-forward path to revenue that does not involve any 3rd party tracking. One low-risk, high-impact alternative that meets that criteria is rewarded surveys, a next-gen method that leverages the market research industry’s demand for quality insights by offering virtual currency in exchange for survey participation in mobile games. 

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