21TR_004_Blog_1200x400Cash is king in the popular mobile strategy game Landlord. With goals to build a real estate empire that includes the world’s most famous landmarks and destinations, players must generate in-game profits by strategically buying and selling the right properties at the right time. As a result, the game can feel quite challenging for players that are not interested in purchasing virtual cash to grow their portfolios. With this in mind, the Reality Games team was interested in a monetization tool that could remove currency-driven barriers of entry for Landlord players without compromising existing revenue or user experience.

After trying other survey solutions that failed to deliver on their promises, Reality Games chose TapResearch to elevate user experiences in Landlord. Our patented Guaranteed Payout™ system—the feature that allows users to receive rewards that are in direct proportion with their survey participation—stood out as a clear value-add that could help take their free-to-play offering to the next level. Within three months of launching surveys through our industry-leading survey monetization platform, the Reality Games team saw significant success. 

“Tap’s Guaranteed Payout feature has been awesome; it helps users feel appreciated even if they were dismissed from a survey. I feel like this would work for any game, because users are getting some kind of reward no matter what. This is a major benefit that TapResearch has. In choosing to implement surveys, we wanted to put our users and their experiences first, and this unique feature really helped make that happen.” 

- Kamil Salacinski, Product Manager at Reality Games

Take a look at the full case study to learn more. 

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