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Due to the pervasive nature of mobile gaming in today's society, TapResearch’s reach is far beyond the "gamer" population that most people typically associate with mobile apps.

Do you personally know anyone who is a part of a market research panel? 

Most people would have to answer NO. Panel companies struggle to incentivize net new respondents to join their communities because the cost for recruitment is astronomical. Those today who are willing to join a panel have dwindled with the boom in technology causing panels to be skewed with all types of bias towards “professional survey takers,” not the everyday average joe. 

Unlike Traditional panels, TapResearch has no individual cost for recruits because the incentives given to respondents are in-app rewards, only costs are with the developers themselves. TapResearch offers mobile app users a way to earn virtual currency in their mobile games by sharing their opinions. 

To access our respondents, TapResearch goes to where people are already spending their time. We don’t have “panelists” in the traditional sense.  What we have is a technology that can be integrated into popular apps and games to offer a better app-using experience, allowing a person to earn the virtual currency they already use within their app by taking surveys. 

Do you personally know anyone who plays mobile games? 

Most people would confidently answer YES.  Maybe you play mobile games yourself, or you can think of a relative, friend, or colleague who does. Due to the pervasive nature of mobile gaming (65% of people play mobile games) TapResearch's reach is unprecedented! 

Did you know 45+-year-olds make up ⅓ of mobile gamers?  We’re able to reach people across all demographics through our sampling methodology.  Check out our reach yourself.

Our expansive mobile app network and innovative incentive model gives TapResearch access to genuine, diverse respondents many of which are missing from traditional panels. In fact, the majority of our respondents have never taken a survey for a reward before!  

Who is part of TapResearch’s mobile apps network?

TapResearch is integrated with a large number of top-tier apps across various genres from puzzle games like Wordscapes, and Puzzle Page to fantasy games like Dragon City and Monster Legends to sport-oriented gaming like Tap Sports Baseball.  We partner with popular games that have millions of daily active users across multiple gaming genres.  This enables us to provide sample that is highly representative of the population. 

We see 300K unique individuals in our system each day - which ends up being ~3M per month. 

We have great data quality, with a ~5% toss rate across our clients’ projects, and very low levels of fraud due to our technical integration and incentive structure. 

TapResearch has high standards for the type of mobile apps allowed in our network. We ensure that only top-tier apps with a strong committed user base join our network. Our apps must be a business franchise with consistent high revenue and robust daily active users.

Curious about what a TapResearch respondent experience looks like?  Check out an in-app TapResearch experience of a popular game called WordScapes - here. 

Wordscapes is one of the top puzzle games in the Apple app store with over 5 million people opening it every day. It's owned by a reputable company in the gaming world called People Fun. It’s a great example of how we create a diverse audience network with top-tier mobile apps that attract all types of people who otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to researchers. 



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