Introducing The New Player Insights Tool: Get Real-Time Player Feedback To Build Better Games Faster

Building a top-grossing game is not easy. The mobile landscape moves fast and continues to change; global privacy laws, UA models, player preferences, competition, retention strategies, and more. As the mobile landscape quickly changes; there is one constant, players want great game experiences that engage and entertain.

“Collecting feedback directly from players is hard and time-consuming.”

The process of conducting in-app research is time-consuming and difficult to do on a regular basis. Most research solutions take players out of the game and they are usually not rewarded experiences. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce Player Insights by TapResearch.

What is Player Insights?
Player Insights
is a powerful research tool designed to help F2P game developers get player feedback instantly.

Player Insights lets your user acquisition team, product team, research team, and other teams critical to the success of your business access high-quality player feedback, in real-time.

Now, with real-time player feedback, product and business owners can take control of the feedback channels, operate with more confidence, and build and optimize games to create better playing experiences for all their players.

How does it work?
As a native in-app experience, Player Insights helps game development teams connect with their players and collect feedback using in-game rewarded surveys.

The process is simple:
  1. Choose Player Audience – choose the segment of players you want to get direct feedback from to help you better serve them.
  2. Ask Important Questions – ask players what they like / don't like, want / don't want, need help with / don't need help with - anything you need deeper insights about. 
  3. Get Critical Insights – collect real-time player feedback and insights that help you improve your players' game-playing experience.

For their time, players are instantly rewarded with your in-app virtual currency. Perhaps more important, your players never leave your game. 

The Player Insights in-game rewarded survey is a seamless experience that keeps your players engaged and locked-into their game playing experience.

Up until now, you might know a lot about 'WHAT' your players are doing, but with Player Insights, you can now easily find out the WHY's behind what your players are doing.

Here is a snapshot of the Player Insights in-game survey experience within the mobile game Wordscapes...



Scale Your Business With Player Insights

From the moment you get a new install, there are numerous ways you can use Player Insights to measure and learn from your players with the goal of improving their experience and of course, your revenue...

Player Experience Insights

How Player Insights Can Derive More Revenue For You:
  • Improve Player Retention – Create instant feedback loops with players and continuously listen to their wants and desires - optimize gameplay to improve player retention as well as identify and head-off unhappy players who are at-risk of churning.
  • Boost User Acquisition – Understand what motivates players to install your game and keeps them coming back to replicate that in your marketing for more effective messaging and creative.
  • Increase LTV – Rapid validation surveys help you collect feedback from your most valuable players and validate new ideas quickly to create new experiences that increase LTV.

Examples of how some of the most innovative game companies are using Player Insights:

Examples Description
Player Satisfaction Track Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) over time to understand who’s happy and unhappy with your game.
App Store Message & Creative Testing Measure players' reactions to new app store assets to help your team choose the right message.
Gamer Personas Understand the motivations and beliefs of your players to inform the product roadmap. 
Reduce Player Churn Track the signals that lead to player churn over time.
Understand Price Sensitivity  Test your players' willingness to pay for iAP & bundles by collecting feedback on high and low price points.
Test Product Concepts Capture player reactions with new feature prototypes.
Prioritize Product Roadmap Prioritize product features based on player feedback.

There are many features our customers love: rewarded in-game experiences, rich first-party profiles, dynamic reporting, easy-to-use DIY interface, and CSV exports.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 4.54.05 PM

Player Privacy by Design
As an opt-in format, player privacy is built into the foundation of this experience. Each player is guided through a thoughtful onboarding process designed to educate and build trust. Player Insights is compliant with all major global privacy initiatives.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 4.36.20 PM

We are excited to release this new product to our mobile game developers as you navigate through the dynamic mobile landscape to win and retain more players. In addition to our monetization solutions, Player Insights is our next step forward to helping our publishers innovate and succeed in mobile. 

TapResearch is the leading global insights and survey monetization platform advancing access to research and driving net-new revenue for today’s most popular apps. If you’re interested in learning more about your players, create your free account here and get started today or contact our player experience team here

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