Introducing Market Intelligence: A new real-time research solution

The world is moving faster than ever and it is virtually impossible to understand, in real-time, how consumers are changing. Our mission is to make access to high-quality consumer insights as easy as Googling a topic.

Every business and organization needs to understand how the world is changing around them in order to chart the path forward. World-class brands know this and make consumer insights a core pillar to their operations – but even the best brands have blind spots. 

Traditional market research, while important for large strategic decisions, is too complex, slow, and expensive to keep pace. As a result, there’s a new wave of technology-fueled research solutions as marketers, product managers, strategists, and investors adopt new solutions to inform more decisions with consumer data.  

But, we think there’s still a big gap between the tools available today and an ideal solution - a solution that makes rapid consumer insights accessible for everyday decisions – and most importantly, one with the scale to reach real, everyday consumers, in every demographic, in every major market across the globe.

Modern decision-making moves fast but informing everyday decisions with real, consumer insight is too labor intensive and expensive.

Introducing Market Intelligence by TapResearch
Our new Market Intelligence Platform is a big step forward in bridging the gap from rapid consumer change → to confident decision-making on a daily basis.

At the foundation of our platform is our proprietary Audience Network that reaches over 20M daily active users (and growing!). The scale and reach of the network enable us to build innovative research solutions designed for everyday use. Audience Network makes it dramatically easier, faster, and less expensive to know what people think and feel in real-time.

TapResearch Audience Network

We’re introducing two new solutions in our Market Intelligence suite, real-time Brand Insights, and custom Market Insights in addition to our existing pillar, Market Research Sample.

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Brand Insights
Brand Insights is a new solution for marketers that brings brand measurement to everyday decisions with high-frequency tracking. Historically, brand measurement is done at a high level, a few times a year. Often for board meetings or biannual strategy presentations – far too infrequent to align with modern business operations fighting to keep up with change. 

High-frequency brand tracking helps marketers access a continuous stream of consumer intelligence data to inform decisions on a daily or weekly basis. 

The team at the King’s Hawaiian brand had a vision for a more robust brand tracking solution that better aligned to the brand’s weekly marketing and retail operations.

The Challenge
As a fast-growing CPG company, vanity brand health metrics didn’t provide King’s Hawaiian the level of detail or insight into how marketing was impacting sales in their core markets or why consumers were choosing or were not choosing their brand. 

The King’s Hawaiian team envisioned a brand performance tracker that represented full-funnel reporting on three critical sources of data; marketing spend → brand health trackingsales data. 

Quarterly brand-level tracking was not enough. They needed weekly insight into product-level health metrics with campaign-level attribution as well that would provide them with leading indicators of success. 

The Solution
Success for the team was a new type of brand health tracker that delivered insight into:

  • Brand-level, product-level measurement with campaign-level attribution tracking
  • Reasons for considering and reasons for not considering tracking
  • Competitive tracking
  • Statistically significant sample in every major market
  • Tracking delivered 52-weeks per year

Ambitious goal!US MAP-01The Results - A 10x Brand Tracker
King’s Hawaiian consulted with TapResearch to design a custom brand tracker that collects a statistically significant sample, in every major market across the United States. 

The output is a 10X brand tracker that provides King’s with continuous insight into brand, product, competitive intel, and campaign performance, 52-weeks per year. They now have brand visibility into marketing’s impact on sales in every major market with signals to identify blind spots and improve performance compared to the competition.

“TapResearch’s Brand Insights is providing us with an entirely new source of actionable insights about our brands, products, consumer preferences and competitors. The quality and consistency of the data is enabling our team to measure key market signals, like price sensitivity, in a way that informs decisions on a weekly basis.” – Troy Figgins, Head of Consumer Insights, King's Hawaiian

Market Insights
Market Insights is an agile insights product that makes it easy for anyone to get insights about any topic from any audience in record time for only 10 cents per response. While there are many agile insights offerings on the market, this one is the most accessible, affordable, and powerful by a wide margin because of our fully integrated and proprietary Audience Network.

Rosina Foods, an Italian frozen specialty foods company known for its meatballs and pasta, was approached by one of their foodservice customers to understand more about the meatball market, specifically regarding ‘meatless’ and ‘alternative protein’ trends.

The marketing team at Rosina Foods needed a reliable, quick, and affordable solution to get personalized and relevant insights from everyday consumers.

The Rosina team turned to TapResearch’s Market Insights platform that provides a user-friendly survey builder with direct access to TapResearch’s Audience Network, giving them instant access to millions of real consumers. With the intuitive Market Insights platform, Rosina Foods was able to gather key insights from consumers around purchase intent, purchase frequency, where they would expect to purchase this prototype, and their opinion on unique aspects of the product concept.

“I trust TapResearch’s sample methodology — looking at the mobile usage it is clear that it’s the new way of getting insights. The traditional panel with professional survey takers is antiquated.”  -Joshua Lankford - Marketing Insights Analyst, Rosina Foods

Using Market Insights’ all-in-one survey software and audience network tool, The Rosina Foods marketing team was able to build, field, and analyze its insights at a fraction of the cost, labor, and time than traditional research methods. With powerful insights at hand, Rosina Foods was able to get a quick understanding of how meatless meatballs were perceived by consumers, therefore, establishing themselves as a brand that is tapped into cutting-edge trends in the industry. 

Market Intelligence by TapResearch is an exciting new innovation that enables modern decision-makers to inform more decisions and operate with confidence. We are grateful for every customer that’s been a part of this journey and excited to help new ones as we continue on our mission to make consumer insights accessible and actionable for everyone.

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