As we know, research is now mobile. The ability to share opinions all around the world is at our fingertips and researchers want that access.

Don’t make the mistake of trying old research practices on this new platform- it won’t always work.

Follow the tips below for creating engaging mobile surveys. The results will speak for themselves!

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Most mobile respondents don’t have the patience to spend 25 minutes taking a survey. By this time, they’re itching to resume their game or check some tweets. Short surveys keep user’s interest, provide a sense of accomplishment, and encourage future survey taking.


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People are used to communicating with fewer words on mobile. Try to cut down your question phrasing as much as possible, while still being clear. This will increase the likelihood of respondents fully understanding your questions and answering accurately.

On the flip side, remember that many respondents won’t want to type out long answers on mobile. Avoid open ended questions if possible. If they are necessary, ask questions that will allow for short but meaningful answers.


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With such limited space, minimalism is king! You want avoid making your respondents zoom in or scroll too far in any direction. All buttons should be large and easy to select.  To help simplify, try breaking up large questions into separate pages and removing unnecessary banners or titles.


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Remember that real people are taking these surveys. Take the time to consider the experience YOU would want when taking a survey.
Always test your survey before sending it to others. If you enjoyed taking it, then chances are others will too!


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