What U.K. consumers think of Heinz’s new Pasta Sauce

More than 150 years after the H. J. Heinz Company was invented, they released a new product the U.K. market and apologized for taking so long to do so in a cheeky campaign.


Everyone knows Heinz for the iconic Tomato Ketchup. Today the company makes over 5,000 products — but no Pasta Sauce in the U.K. until now.

H. J. Heinz was a great marketer and knew that the consumers of his day valued convenience and saving time. He also understood branding before the term was invented.

738px-Heinz_Pickles_Marketing_CartH. J. Heinz Sweet Pickles advertising cart, 1890 -  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Heinz_Pickles_Marketing_Cart.JPG

Back in the late 1800’s, food quality was a real issue as canned goods became popular. Consumer became weary of buying packaged goods. Heinz used this consumer insight to craft a genius marketing plan centered around transparency and quality — enter the iconic package design of the glass bottle.

Heinz is still innovating their product portfolio today with the same principles they invented in the early 1900’s. Now with seven flavors of ready-to-use pasta sauces, all packaged in iconic glass jars.

We wanted to know what U.K. consumers thought of the new product line fired up a quick market insights survey and hit “launch”. We asked U.K. consumers two simple questions once introducing the new product line:

  1. How likely are you to purchase Heinz’ new pasta sauce?
  2. How frequently do you purchase pasta sauce?

Once the data was collected a few hours later, we were able to easily cross-tab those responses by demographics and the two questions together to gain quick market insight into how many and who might consider the new pasta line.

You can access the full survey data for free → here.

Overall interest was high with 62% of U.K. consumers selecting either “likely” or “extremely likely” to purchase:

Heinz Pasta Sauce Purchase Intent ChartTapResearch Market Insights Survey | Heinz Pasta Sauce | n=500 | full results link

When split by age groups, this trend continued but was slightly higher among younger generations:

Heinz Pasta Sauce Purchase Intent Chart By AgeTapResearch Market Insights Survey | Heinz Pasta Sauce | n=500 | full results link

And finally, when crossed with the frequency we can see a clear correlation among those who purchase pasta sauce more often:

Heinz Pasta Sauce Purchase Intent Chart Over TimeTapResearch Market Insights Survey | Heinz Pasta Sauce | n=500 | full results link

It seems like Heinz may have another hit with the new Pasta Sauce line, across all consumer generations in the U.K.

If you’re interested in a great history on the Heinz company we recommend this podcast:


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